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2016 Gas/Electric Partnership

Opportunities in Gas & Oil Infrastructure

Macroeconomic Drivers of Change
Changes in Pipeline Systems
Compressors & Drives
Offshore Developments
Technology Updates


MAN Diesel & Turbo North America Inc
CenterPoint Energy
ACI Services Inc.
American Electric Power
Hoerbiger Compression Technology
 Voith Turbo
Ariel Corporation

GE OIl & Gas

Custom Compression Systems
Southwest Research Institute

Neuman & Esser
Alphabet Energy
GE Power & Water

Produced by Gas/Electric Ventures  

    Macroeconomic Drivers of Change
           Moderated by
Donald Knop

      ●  North American Oil & Gas Trends
Christopher Kopczynski, Wood Mackenzie

        Oil and Gas Markets – Struggling to Find Balance
Edward Kelly, IHS Inc.              

          Oil/Gas Price Futures and Impacts
Roundtable - Edward Kelly, IHS Inc., Michael  Juden, McKinsey & Co., Andrew Slaughter, Deloitte Services LP, Christopher Kopczynski, Wood Mackenzie

  Power Generation – Risks and Opportunities for Gas Use
Gurcan Gulen, University of Texas Center for Energy Economics

      ●  Battery Technology and Energy Storage Outlook
T. Kent Flanery, Middough

    ●  An installation of integrating generators with renewables and batteries
 Pierluigi Barutta, Nidec-ASI 

     Changes in Pipeline Systems
            Moderated by Anders Johnson, Kinder Morgan

Global/North American LNG Exports, and Gas/Crude Flows and Consequences
Michael Juden, McKinsey & Co.

         Delfin Floating LNG Project
Dan Werner, Delfin LNG

          ●  Pipeline and Power Generation Coordination
Brian Fitzpatrick, PJM Interconnect with Hubert Eldridge, Kinder Morgan 

        ● Gas Pipeline Roundtable – Changes in Gas Pipeline Utilization and Flow Directions, Power Storage Impacts on Pipeline Growth, and
                  Conversions of Gas Pipelines to Liquid Lines
                Michael Juden, McKinsey & Co., moderator with Hubert Eldridge, Kinder Morgan, Jill Edwards, Boardwalk Pipeline, Wes Sutherland, Williams, and Kenneth Skweres, Spectra Energy

       Compressors & Drives
Moderated by Christean Kapp, Hoerbiger Corporation of America

        ● Are You Ready for Clean Air? -  Impacts on Compression  
Thomas D. Hutchins, Kinder Morgan, with Ronald Miller, Basic Systems & Randy Hayes, Energy Transfer

        ● Fuel Gas Boosters for Power Generation
   Greg Herman, UE Compression

     ● New FERC Policy on Pipeline Modernization Cost Recovery
Brian Adams, Columbia Pipeline Group & Ben Johnson, Boardwalk Pipeline

Cost and Lead Time Reduction for Compressor Systems  
Panel moderated by Bryan Kendig, SBM Offshore, with Domingo Fernandez, MAN Turbo & Diesel NA, Elliott Smith, Voith Turbo, James Barr, JW Power, Karetha Foster, Spectra Energy,
               Randy Rhoads, BP (retired), & Scott Simmons, Repsol (see panelists' bios)

        ● How Rental Fleets are Adjusting to Current Conditions
Panel moderatedby Norm Shade, ACI Services, Inc. with James Barr, JW Power & Dale Williams, Natural Gas Services Group
        Offshore Developments
Moderated by W. Norm Shade

        ● Opportunities in Offshore Brownfield
                   Olivier LeNormand, SBM Offshore

         ● Subsea Compression
Domingo Fernandez, MAN Turbo & Diesel North America 

● Using Torque Converters to Reduce Cost in Subsea Applications
Christoph Meyenberg,Voith Turbo
  Technology Updates
         Moderated by W. Norm Shade

            Session overview

         ●  An Installation of Integrating Generators with Renewables and Batteries
 Pierluigi Barutta, Nidec-ASI 

     ●   Advances for Pipelines                         
    Eugene “Buddy” Broerman and Jeffrey Bennett, Southwest Research Institute

       ●  Loop PAN (Performance Augmentation Network)  for Pipeline Pulsation Control
John J. Bazaar, ACI Services, Inc.     

     ●  Subsea Compression
Domingo Fernandez, MAN Turbo & Diesel North America 

●  Using Torque Converters to Reduce Cost in Subsea Applications
Christoph Meyenberg,Voith Turbo

      ●   New On-Site Power Options for Wellhead & Gathering Systems
  Mothusi Pahl, Alphabet Energy

     ●  Couple-Free Compression
Bhupinder Dayal, GE Oil & Gas

       ●  Fuel Gas Booster Compression Specifications & Control
         Christean Kapp, Hoerbiger Corporation of America

 Compressor Driver Technology Update
Jesse Kahle, Caterpillar