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2018 Conference




MAN Diesel & Turbo
Nidec Industrial Solutions
CenterPoint Energy
Neuman & Esser USA Inc.
Compressor Tech II
ACI Services, Inc.
American Electric Power
Gas Compression Magazine
Siemens/Dresser Rand
Toshiba International Corporation
Solar Turbines Incorporated
Voith Turbo Inc.
GE’s Waukesha Gas Engines
Crescent Power Systems
ABB Inc.
                                                                        Ariel Corporation                                                                         

   Pipeline Systems Outlook

     ● The State of the Gas Industry – developments and uncertainties amid abundance
             Edward Kelly, IHS/Markit

        Seeking Growth – what will drive US natural gas
                 Andrew Slaughter, Deloitte Services

Gas/Crude/NGL Imbalances and Pipeline Consequences
                Michael Juden and Jamie Brick, McKinsey & Co

Gas Pipelines and Storage Investment Roundtable
                moderated by Michael Juden, McKinsey & Co.

                        Wes Sutherland, Williams
                        Michael Moses, TransCanada
                        Hubert Eldridge, Kinder Morgan - Gulf Coast Express
                        Gregg Philbrick, Boardwalk Pipeline

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Gas Supply for Power

   ●  Regional Impact of Renewables
                moderated by Gurcan Gulen, University of Texas Center for Energy Economics

Mark Rothleder, California Independent System Operator
                        Jim Robb, Western Electricity Coordinating Council
                        Kenan Ogelman, Electric Reliability Council of Texas

     ●   Power Grid Reliability and Implications for Gas,Thomas Coleman, North American Reliability Council

     ●   Gas Pipelines and Storage Deliverability Roundtable
                 moderated by Anders Johnson, Kinder Morgan

                        Michael Moses, TransCanada
                        Dan Noack, PAA Natural Gas Storage
                        Chris Micsak, Haddington Ventures, LLC
                        Chris Humes, Crestwood Midstream
                        Steven Baroni, Williams

     ●   Entergy Texas Expansions and Upgrades
                           Power & Transmission, Staci Meyer & Jeff Dicharry

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 Permian/Midstream Infrastructure

  ●    Permian Infrastructure Outlook, Edward Kelly, IHS/Markit

   ●    Management of Water in Oil/Gas Production, Kristie McLin, ConocoPhillips & Jim Summers, H2Omidstream  

  ●    Upstream/Midstream Equipment Technical Updates, Moderated by Norm Shade, ACI Services, Inc.             

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 Compression and Drivers

  ●    Compressor/Driver Selection Strategy Roundtable Moderated by Christean Kapp, COMPMaster,
                   with Marybeth McBain, Kinder Morgan, Michael Moses, TransCanada,
Jonathan Lee, SEC/Energy Transfer, Uday Taraga,
                   ADI Analytics, and Arnold Eisenstein, Universal Pegausus

        Technical Updates, Moderated by Norm Shade, ACI Services, Inc.                  

                • Compression Alternatives: Gathering & Treatment of Gas in the Upstream – Scott Tackett, Siemens

                • Novel Technology for Addressing Liquids-Rich Compression Applications – Jeremy Pitts, Hicor Technologies, Inc.

                • New VHP Series Five Gas Engine – Ryan Krafcheck, GE/Waukesha

                • New & Improved 560 Hi-Speed Reciprocating Compressor – Joe Lesak and Scott DeBaldo, Neuman & Esser

                • New Compressor Valve Technology, Brandon Durbin, Ariel Corporation               

                • Modular Compressor Stations – Ken Rumsey, Solar Turbines

                • VECO-Drive Electromechanical Variable Speed – Roland Hoet, Voith Turbo

                • Pony Motor Starting System Package for Large Compressor Trains – Matt Colosino, Crescent Power

                • Motor Starting Considerations for Electric Motor Driven Compressors – Tanner Knecht, ABB Inc.

                • Dynamic Variable Orifice for Adjustable Pulsation Dampening and System Blow-Down Rate Control – Roy Houston, ACI Services Inc               

                • Acoustic-Induced Vibration Screening and Mitigation in Piping Systems – Brandon Riden Southwest Research Institute

                • Free Piping Vibration Risk Software for Industry – Lini Taylor, Wood Group

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